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:: The "Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica" 28/12/2000 n. 445 established that, since 2004, every Public Administration (PA) (including Local Agencies, schools, universities, etc.) must adjust their systems to manage exchanging electronic documents with this instrument.

:: The "Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica" 11/2/2005 n. 68 disciplines the characteristics and ways of supply and fruition for services of transmission of electronic documents by means of "Posta Elettronica Certificata".

:: With the "Decreto Ministeriale" 2/11/2005 and following additional notes, Technical Rules for the service of transimission of electronic documents using "Posta Elettronica Certificata" were issued. These rules define technical and functional requirements needed for the service supply.

:: On the 5th of December, 2005, the CNIPA circular letter regarding the modality of presentation for an application to be recognised on the public list of Pec providers, was published on the "Gazzetta Ufficiale". Since then public and private subject can apply for being recognised as PEC providers.

:: On the 7th of December, 2006 was published another CNIPA circular letter, which describes how the vigilance and control activities on the operations of the recognised PEC providers.

:: On the 31th of October, 2007 CNIPA published the interoperability tests list